Fort Lytton Brisbane's only Scary Park?

Spent an leisurely hour wandering around Fort Lytton today scouting for wedding portrait locations. Apparently there was a dust storm earlier in the day, which actually made for some very nice diffused light.

I was taking photos and just thinking, something isn’t quite right here. This light should be harsher! There are no clouds in the sky… the forecast is for completely sunny weather. Why then am I getting less light than I should? (which is a good thing).

It wasn’t until I got back home and starting rubbing my eyes, and saw on the news that there had been some severe dust storms, that I realised why.

Fort Lytton is one of those places that nobody except maybe tourists, interstate visitors or war nuts have been to. It doesn’t help that it feels like the edge of the earth all the way out in Lytton.

It is actually only 35 minutes drive from the city, and it’s a nice drive along Lytton Road with only a few traffic lights and nice wide roads for the trucks that end up at the port.

My four year old calls it the scary park. This is probably quite accurate considering the very large and imposing artillery pieces, dark corridors and stark empty rooms of the fort (most of which are open to the public). Definitely a great place for kids though (under supervision - there are lots of fall hazards!).

Entry is free and there is plenty of parking on site. Just be prepared to do a little bit of walking in the sun, as the Fort itself is about 400m from the main car park.

Chris Jack