The world's most obtrusive wedding photographer?

I watched this documentary last night and firstly I want to thank the photographer as a fellow professional for posting it. While I don't agree with this style of wedding photography, it was interesting to see and I do appreciate it.

But what was absolutely shocking was that he actually controlled the end of the ceremony! I have never seen anything like this. I am posting this on my blog because frankly I find this stunningly crass. It almost looks like a parody, I mean is this for real? I feel so sorry for the bride and groom and all the wedding guests that had to endure this on their wedding day.

I don't have any problem with the photographer being in the aisle to take shots (providing the priest has approved this beforehand). But watch the video and see what he does as they are walking back down the aisle (about 8 minute mark - for 30 seconds).

I would never in a million years stop a wedding to get a better photo ostensibly for the bride and groom but let's face it, I think this was motivated by getting a better photo for his portfolio rather the best interests of everyone there.

Another tell tale sign was a bit later in the documentary when he admits that he always likes to get "different" shots of couples during their portraits. Lets explore that for a second. What possible benefit would there be for the bride and groom?

If a photographer wants to "do something different and creative" on your wedding day, I am sorry but that for me is purely egotistical and is all about getting better shots for their portfolio.

When I shoot couples portraits shots I don't do risky stuff. We take very sharp, clear and close up shots of the bride and groom in natural embraces and having private moments together. I may take shots that are similar to others in my portfolio because I know that couples love them. That is what matters!

Art should be left for the studio where there is time and contemplation to create it, not rushed and improvised on a wedding day.


Chris Jack