Wynnum Manly Foreshore, Pandanus Beach 2019

I am not a great fan of “street photography” where people walk around and take sneaky photos of members of the public just minding their own business. It just doesn’t sit right with me, and the reality is most people really don’t want their photo taken.

But having said that, these photos were essential. There is a purpose to them, as a local Wynnum hotel commissioned them for their website to show off local attractions and lifestyle images.

In a perfect world, the budget would extend to be able to hire models, wardrobe stylists, makeup and hair stylists, lighting assistants etc. But of course, the real world is much more practical and frugal.

My brief was simply to take four photos of the Wynnum Manly foreshore which hopefully captured the essence of the the wide range of activities that take place near the shore.

The first problem of course is the Wynnum tide. There are only a few days a month where the tides coincide perfectly with the rising morning sun. Taking photos at sunset is also an option, but the sun doesn’t set over the water so that is not the best option.

These photos were taken this morning between 5.30AM and 7.00AM on Pandanus beach, the Wynnum Jetty and around the point that follows onto Manly.

Chris JackPandanus Beach