Bendigo Attractions and Travel Photography

Bendigo is just a few hours drive from Melbourne and boasts some spectacular locations for landscape, architectural and street photography. These shots were some of favourites commissioned by the Oval Motel in Bendigo, for their local attractions hotel photography.

They were all shot hand held with the Canon 24-70MM 2.8L II on the Canon 5d Mark IV. While not being exactly what you would call an architectural lens (24MM is really only just wide angle) it is such an incredibly sharp and versatile lens for street photography, photojournalism or just about anything else.

Bendigo is a fantastic location for all types of photography, with an abundance of historic buildings, and impossibly blue skies (so much so, I had to reduce the saturation of the sky in some photos!).

If you are visiting Bendigo and are into photography or street photography, be sure to check out some of these locations and of course, stay at the Oval Motel!