Why some couples prefer documentary wedding photography

Today I received an enquiry from a couple through their executive assistant who wanted 12 hours documentary style wedding photography with zero posing. Not even family group photos! That was a real eye opener, as before today I had just assumed that everyone wanted what everyone else had…

They were adamant they did not want to be posed whatsoever. They also did not want any disruptions or interferences with their wedding day. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Imagine being able to spend every minute of your wedding day interacting with guests rather than following directions from your photographer, and constantly checking you are not running behind the photographers schedule…

While I do shoot what I call Contemporary Style wedding photography for most clients which involves co-operation and posing of guests and couples, I have now created new packages that are strictly documentary or reportage only style.

The amount of time saved by the couple and the photographer not having to discuss in minute detail every photo and detail that they require, along with the reduced need for advanced Photoshop processing of Portrait photos, and less site scouting means Documentary coverage is simply less expensive as well.

What is Included in Documentary Style Coverage?

Everything that I offer in my Contemporary style packages is included with Documentary style, except for no couples portraits. That doesn’t mean I won’t take photos of the couple on your wedding day!

I use the same equipment, processes and editing techniques so essentially you get the same photos, just nothing setup or staged (family group photos can be included though).

It simply means we won’t plan to go somewhere for dedicated couples portrait time. Instead, you can do whatever you feel like doing after your wedding ceremony. I also won’t be stopping you as you cut the cake to get the perfect shot. I will be a fly on the wall so to speak.

You might use the extra time for a shower and change of dress into something more comfortable for the reception, or you could enjoy cocktail hour or canapés with guests as the sun sets before dinner.

If that sounds more appealing than traipsing around Roma Street Parklands in high heels and a long dress, then documentary only coverage may be for you.

For more information about my documentary style packages, please visit my wedding and portfolio page. Please note, prices are subject to change as this article may not be updated with current pricing.

Chris Jack